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Zapata Computing Announces Scientific Advisory Board to Foster Collaboration Between Enterprise Quantum Computing and the Greater Research Community

By IQT News posted 03 Sep 2020

(GlobeNewsWire) Zapata Computing, the leading enterprise software company for NISQ-based quantum applications, today announced its newly formed Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). The SAB’s mission is to establish a stronger connection between the community of scientists focused on quantum computing, a community in which Zapata is actively involved, and the broader business community.
“Classical computer science was founded on decades of collaboration between universities, industry and various governmental institutions,” said Yudong Cao, CTO and co-founder, Zapata Computing. “This collaboration provided fertile ground for the computer industry to grow and advance. Quantum computing requires the same level of nurturing and support. Our goal for the Scientific Advisory Board is to develop the community connections that will allow this industry to flourish.”
Although the world has recently witnessed significant milestones in quantum computing, from Google’s achievement of quantum supremacy to the creation of ever more powerful quantum hardware by IBM and Honeywell, the quantum computing community is still far from mature. A tremendous amount of scientific research is still needed to master the complexity of quantum computers and ensure that they can practically address real business problems. This will call for continuous dialogue between the scientific and business communities. By establishing a Scientific Advisory Board, Zapata seeks to facilitate this dialogue while demonstrating its deep commitment to every aspect of developing software and applications for quantum devices.
The founding members of the SAB include:
–Andrew Childs, Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Institute for Advanced Computer Studies at the University of Maryland
–Jens Eisert, Professor of Quantum Physics at Freie Universität Berlin
–Aram Harrow, Associate Professor of Physics at the MIT Center for Theoretical Physics
–Arthur Jaffe, Landon T. Clay Professor of Mathematics and Theoretical Science at Harvard
–Peter Love, Chair of the Zapata SAB, Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Tufts University
–Will Oliver, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Lincoln Laboratory Fellow at MIT, –Director of the MIT Center for Quantum Engineering, and Associate Director of the MIT Research Laboratory of Electronics
–James Whitfield, Assistant Professor of Physics, Dartmouth

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