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UofChicago Creates Quantum System That Stays “Coherent” or Operational 10,000 Times Longer

By IQT News posted 17 Aug 2020

(Futurism) A team of scientists at the University of Chicago have figured out a way to keep a quantum computer system “coherent” (or: operational) 10,000 times longer than before, according to a new study published in the journal Science on Thursday.
The scientists claim their solution could be applied to any other kind of quantum system and could end up revolutionizing the field.
“This breakthrough lays the groundwork for exciting new avenues of research in quantum science,” lead author David Awschalom, senior scientist at Argonne National Laboratory, said in a statement. “The broad applicability of this discovery, coupled with a remarkably simple implementation, allows this robust coherence to impact many aspects of quantum engineering.”
As a result of the new technique, the quantum system stayed “coherent,” or operational, for 22 milliseconds. That may sound like an extremely short amount of time, but that’s roughly 10,000 times longer than previous systems.
The new technique, according to the scientists, will allow for future quantum machines to be scaled up more easily, and make storing information more practical. It could also allow for information to be sent via quantum information networks over longer distances.

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