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UK Launches £5.4M ‘Project Quantum’ to Commercialize EV Battery Manufacturing

By IQT News posted 13 Oct 2020

(Verdict.co.uk) The UK has launched a £5.4m project to commercialise quantum technology for batteries and cement the UK as a key player in the flourishing electric vehicle (EV) battery manufacturing industry.
Dubbed Project Quantum, it brings together nine different partners across industry and academia to bring known quantum technology for lithium battery manufacture to commercial readiness.The project comes as demand for electric vehicles – and so, EV batteries – is climbing significantly. EVs are expected to account for one in five car sales by 2026, and the UK is keen to build on its already strong presence in this space.
Designed for batteries in EVs, the technology combats known inefficiencies in lithium cell manufacture, improving quality yields and speeding up the manufacture process. This should result in improved EV batteries that are faster to produce than current versions.
The project sees collaboration between Compound Semiconductor Technologies, Compound Semiconductor Centre, Centre for Process Innovation, University of Strathclyde, Kelvin Nanotechnology, University of Sussex, Magnetic Shields, Alter Technology Ltd and CDO2, with AMTE Power leading the initiative.

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