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Special Properties of LEGOs Could be Useful for Quantum Computing

By IQT News posted 24 Dec 2019

(Phys.org) The special properties of LEGOS could be useful in the development of quantum computing. A world leading team of ultra-low temperature physicists at Lancaster University decided to place a LEGO figure and four LEGO blocks inside their record-breaking dilution refrigerator.
Invented 50 years ago, the dilution refrigerator is at the centre of a global multi-billion dollar industry and is crucial to the work of modern experimental physics and engineering, including the development of quantum computers.
The use of ABS plastic structures, such as LEGO , instead of the solid materials currently in use, means that any future thermal insulator could be produced at a significantly reduced cost.
Researchers say the next step is to design and 3-D print a new thermal insulator for the next generation of dilution refrigerators.

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