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2019 Was a Huge Year for Quantum Computing

By IQT News posted 24 Dec 2019

(NextWeb) Until 2019, quantum computers were fuzzy, theoretical things that existed in the hearts and minds of physics nerds. IBM brought one to Las Vegas for CES in early 2019. Later in 2019, Google claimed its Bristlecone system reached quantum supremacy.
Perhaps most exciting was the incredible research happening in universities and think-tanks around the globe. From warp drives to time travel, scientists around the world released one breakthrough paper after another. Let’s have a look back.
we were wowed by research from a team of scientists from Griffith University in Australia and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore who developed a quantum-powered machine that accurately simulates future outcomes.
Researchers from the Argonne National Laboratory, Oakland University in Michigan, and Fudan University in China have discovered a quantum-level exploit that has the potential to give engineers greater control over the magnetic properties of certain metals. They’re thinking more like quantum disk drives with mind-boggling amounts of storage.
A team of Yale researchers working on behalf of all humanity – have solved the whole “dead cat” problem in quantum physics. The team delved inside the inner workings of quantum mechanic and caught a particle in mid leap.
More achievements are listed. The author explains there were too many breakthroughs, research papers, and huge announcements for us to cover, much less list here.

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