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Space EA Systems Circumvents Key Distribution Problems & Delivers Satellite-Enabled Quantum-Proof Cybersecurity and Innovation

By IQT News posted 13 Aug 2021

(FinanceYahoo) Space EA’s new post-quantum encryption network defeats quantum’s destructive effect against security, while enabling satellite architectures and communication networks the ability to harness quantum’s power for DoD and commercial clients in the space sector.
Other current initiatives that study the quantum problem are extremely costly and are taking longer than expected to develop. Many current hypotheses present schemes that use quantum computers to distribute keys from orbit to networks and endpoints on earth. This approach uses numerous transmissions for each key instance, which is not only complicated, but also creates new attack vectors. To date, these objectives are not met.
Space EA quickly accelerated ahead of these approaches to circumvent key distribution problems by utilizing a post-quantum secure key system that requires no key distribution at all.
Jones further details the secure and efficient process, “Keys are created, used, and destroyed at the time-point of encryption and then, on demand, recreated, used, and destroyed at the time-point of decryption. There is no key transfer and no key storage, as well as no distance limits, which the competing hypotheses are struggling to overcome.”
“Satellite-enabled post quantum cybersecurity is the core element of secure communications infrastructures among constellations and other military assets,” explains Rico Jones, Founder Space Engineering & Acquisition Systems, Inc. “Space EA has recently facilitated an intrusion-proof data exchange mechanism to overcome quantum computing threats.
The space community is highly future-looking, indicating why government and commercial organizations have trusted Space EA team members for over a third of a century for their acute knowledge of and exceptional advisory on the most advanced technologies available for pivotal missions and initiatives.

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