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Quantum Sensors in Military May Detect Submarines in Oceans

By IQT News posted 01 Apr 2019

(I-HLS) Quantum sensing promises to revolutionise several areas for the military, from providing highly accurate positioning data to detecting submarines in oceans. “Quantum sensing uses some nonintuitive properties of nature to measure things like time, magnetic fields, gravity, or acceleration,” explains Paul Kunz, a scientist at the US Army Research Laboratory.
Quantum sensors can also directly measure acceleration or rotation, which can be used to determine position in places where GPS is denied – but as yet these are still research efforts.
Quantum light sources are another research area for Kunz’s team, it differs from other research as it looks at the “very basic building block” that could be used in a number of potential technologies. Some of the envisioned applications are related to quantum communication (secure communications), quantum simulation, and quantum computation.

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