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Quantum Computing Weekend Update June 5 – June 10

By Sandra Helsel posted 10 Jun 2023

Quantum Computing Weekend Update June 5 – June 10: Enjoy the best articles from InsideQuantumTechnology.com from this week as well as news that developed today.  IQT news, research and events are always up to date and meticulously curated.

Legitimizing the Field of Quantum Biology: An Interview with Dr. Clarice D. Aiello

Arman Zaribafiya, Founder and CEO, Good Chemistry will speak at IQT Canada 2023

Yan Zheng; Vice President, Technology, In-Q-Tel will speak on “In-Q-Tel Quantum Investment Perspective” at IQT Canada 2023 June 20-22

IQT Nordics opens today

Denmark – A quantum technology hotspot

QC Design Announces New Fault-Tolerant Architecture for Quantum Computers

IBM unveils plans to build first European quantum data center in Germany

Nathan Nankivell; VP Integrated Markets, Innovate BC; will speak on “How to Leverage Federal Funding and Programs from the National Strategy” at IQT Canada

Day Two of IQTNordics in full swing

Chip packaging solutions for realizing useful fault tolerant quantum computers

Women of Quantum: Joan Arrow of the Quantum Ethics Project

Toshiba, Orange show QKD can be viable over existing fiber networks

Disruptions Made Early: How Kvantify is Building Quantum-Ready Solutions for Quantum Advantage from Day One

IQT research issues latest report: “post-quantum cryptography 2023: market opportunities after NIST”

IQT Nordics – A photo montage

House hearing starts process of reauthorizing National Quantum Initiative Act

Jutta Rohrschach, Executive Director, Innovation System Integration Branch, Ministry of Technology and Innovation, Government of Alberta; will speak on “How to Leverage Federal Funding and Programs from the National Strategy” at IQT Canada 2023

Inside Quantum Technology’s “Inside Scoop:” Quantum and Neuroscience

Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC): Four Revenue Sources

QuSecure earns U.S. Army contract for PQC

Sandra K. Helsel, Ph.D. has been researching and reporting on frontier technologies since 1990.  She has her Ph.D. from the University of Arizona.







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