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Intel Highlights Full-Stack Quantum Research

By IQT News posted 14 Oct 2020

(WebWire) Intel is presenting a body of research highlighting its full-stack approach to quantum innovation spanning hardware, software and algorithm development. Collectively, the body of work highlights important advances across all these areas, which are critical to build scalable commercial-grade quantum systems that can run useful applications.
Mainstream attention in the field of quantum computing has focused primarily on qubit hardware technologies. But since quantum is an entirely new compute paradigm, it requires a new stack of hardware, software and algorithms in order to run future applications on a full-scale commercial quantum system. Simulations can help provide an understanding of how to build all components of the full quantum stack, taking workload requirements into consideration before they get built in real quantum hardware. Quantum research efforts across this stack are all necessary today so that as the hardware matures, useful applications are ready to run on near-term smaller qubit quantum machines. This approach is central to Intel’s strategy of taking a systems-oriented, workload-driven view of quantum computing, which is the foundation of its vision of quantum practicality.

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