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India’s First Order Effect in Quantum Strategy Will Be to Acquire a Quantum System

By IQT News posted 02 Apr 2020

(FinancialExpress) The Indian market is not yet ready for the quantum leap, lacking the requisite fundamental activity in quantum computing according to this discussion by Srinath Srinivasan. Currently US, Canada, China, and Netherlands are leading the pack from a quantum systems perspective. The discussion herein says that India lacks the fundamental activity in quantum computing.
It is quite likely that the first order effect in Indian quantum strategy will be to acquire a quantum system. “Herein lies the problem, most of the quantum systems today are unlikely to deliver any meaningful business result. As a result, large scale quantum computing systems acquisition will likely yield very little research or business value/impact. Investing in indigenous systems might yield better outcomes, but this requires coordinated, and sustained policy.”
Before hopping onto quantum computing, markets across the world, especially India, have to realise the full potential of AI and ML in classical computing terms.
However, interest in quantum computing is brewing in India. “Financial services, manufacturing, oil and gas seem to be early vertical industries that are pioneering quantum initiatives.”
Srivivasan includes discussion of Honeywell chairman and chief executive officer Darius Adamczyk who recommends companies start now to determine their strategy to leverage or mitigate the many business changes that are likely to result from new quantum computing technology.

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