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FSU Researcher Nets $4.4M Grant to Advance Quantum Systems

By IQT News posted 23 Aug 2021

(FloridaStateUniversity) A Florida State University researcher is leading a $4.4 million Department of Energy project to help create software that can take advantage of supercomputer capabilities and advance quantum information science.
The project is led by FSU Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry Eugene DePrince and includes collaborators from Virginia Tech, University of Washington, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
The collaborating DOE scientist for this project is Chao Yang from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
Quantum science has become a major priority for the U.S. Department of Energy. DePrince’s grant is part of an overall $28 million investment by DOE in five research projects to develop software that will allow supercomputers to make giant leaps in quantum information science.
“This is a major scientific software engineering project, and we want our software to be deployable on tens of thousands of computer nodes that might include both conventional CPUs and accelerators like graphical processing units (GPUs),” DePrince said. “Our team includes experts in accurate quantum mechanical theories for electronic systems, the dynamics of electronic systems, relativistic theories and high-performance computing.”
The DOE program funding the project is called the SciDAC Partnership or Scientific Discovery through Advanced Computing, and these partnerships are meant to fund collaborations between domain experts and DOE computational scientists in one of their SciDAC institutes.

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