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France’s Quandela Takes Next Step Toward Building Quantum Computing with Dutch Processor QuiX

By IQT News posted 08 Jun 2021

(InnovationOrigins) Recently, President Macron presented the French national quantum technology program, which shows that the country is firmly committed to photonics. France’s quantum computer will be built by Quandela, the leading quantum technology company in France. The Twente-based company Quix is supplying the processor with which France intends to take the next step in the development of quantum technology.
Most photonics can take years to develop into a processor. What QuiX have created is a plug-and-play quantum processor for quantum computing companies to build around. They sold another processor last month to Quontrol, a British quantum technologies start-up. They are one of very few companies to have sold such a product – and they’ve done so two months in a row.

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