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Classiq quantum algorithm design platform now integrated with Amazon Braket

By Sandra Helsel posted 03 Jun 2022

(HPCWire) Classiq, which provides a leading platform for creating quantum software, today announced the build of its solution on Amazon Braket. IQT-News shares the announcement below.

Amazon Braket is a fully managed quantum computing service from Amazon Web Services (AWS), designed to help speed up scientific research and software development for quantum computing.
Quantum computing has the potential to offer transformational opportunities for numerous industries: from financial services to material sciences, from logistics to healthcare, and from cybersecurity to automotive. But customers find that moving from ideas to experimentation can be difficult because most quantum software is written as the quantum equivalent of “assembly language,” explicitly specifying the connections between qubits and quantum gates or cobbling together pre-written blocks. Customers are unclear about which quantum hardware is best for them, and integrating quantum computers with classical IT infrastructure can be challenging.
That’s why Classiq developed a comprehensive end-to-end solution on Amazon Braket that helps customers realize their quantum goals faster.
The customer journey starts with the Classiq Quantum Algorithm Design platform, allowing developers to design quantum circuits using a functional model, rather than a series of gate-level connections. The Classiq platform then searches a solution space consisting of many millions of circuit configurations to find an implementation that fits resource considerations, designer-supplied constraints, and the target hardware platform. This unique approach helps design sophisticated quantum circuits that could not be created otherwise. From the Classiq platform, the resultant circuit can be quickly and easily executed on quantum hardware available through Amazon Braket. Customers enjoy all the conveniences of Amazon Braket, including diverse hardware options, flexible pricing structures, and access to other AWS services.
This integrated offering is particularly attractive to companies that are looking to generate quick wins with successful quantum proof of concept projects and companies that have already experimented with quantum computing and are looking to scale up the sophistication of their quantum algorithms as well as the robustness and capabilities of their deployment.

Sandra K. Helsel, Ph.D. has been researching and reporting on frontier technologies since 1990.  She has her Ph.D. from the University of Arizona.

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