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Werner Vogels, Amazon’s CTO, Predicts Software & Support Software to Be Drivers for Quantum Computing Services

By IQT News posted 24 Dec 2020

(WallStreetJournal) Werner Vogels, Amazon.com Inc.’s chief technology officer, predicts 2021 will see a much broader distribution of the technologies that have been powering big corporations. The shift, which includes connecting more devices to the cloud, and better access to machine learning, builds on recent advances in software and silicon. The cloud will be everywhere. Next year will see more devices and more organizations powered by the cloud.
This year, Amazon.com made its quantum computing service Amazon Braket available to the public. 2021 will be the year the technology picks up, Dr. Vogels predicts, although the main driver won’t necessarily be hardware.
The better the software to build applications, the better idea customers will have on the specific applications they want to build and how to build them, he said. “In this world of quantum in the coming year, I think that we will definitely see a revolution in how software and support software is being built,” he said.

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