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UK Task-Force Launches Discovery, An Industry-Led Quantum Computing Program to Tackle Quantum Technology Barriers on Path to Commercialization

By IQT News posted 09 Nov 2020

(Tech.HQ) Nine major organizations from the UK’s quantum computing industry have announced the launch of DISCOVERY — an industry-led quantum computing research program that aims to tackle quantum computing’s technology barriers on the path to commercialization. “The program will demonstrate a shift from fundamental, academic activity to scalable, commercial implementations.”
The £10 million (US$13 million) research program is part-funded by the UK Quantum Technologies Challenge, led by UK Research and Innovation, a non-departmental public body of the UK government.
DISCOVERY is being coordinated by Scotland-based M Squared, an international supplier of photonics and quantum systems, alongside a number of leading startups, established businesses, academic institutions, and research groups.
Quantum computers are vast and expensive machines that require perfectly-balanced environmental conditions. They’re powerful, but not reliable, and the slightest interference can lead to high error rates in quantum processing.
The idea is to pool expertise across fields and approaches to quantum computing in order to navigate and overcome technical barriers. Other members include Oxford Ionics, ORCA Computing, Kelvin Nanotechnology, and TMD Technologies

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