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Seeqc’s Naples Team Successfully Developed & Measured a Two-Qubit Gate: Important Step in Development of Commercially Viable Quantum Computing Platform

By IQT News posted 06 Apr 2021

(Finance.Yahoo) Seeqc has announced its Naples team, lead by Marco Arzeo, Ph.D., has successfully developed and measured a two-qubit gate.
Seeqc’s is the first team in Italy and one of only a handful of international quantum computing firms to achieve this critical engineering milestone.
The two-qubit gate measurement is an important step in the company’s design and development of a commercially viable quantum computing platform built to solve specific business problems with specific algorithms.
Seeqc is developing a new approach to making quantum computing useful called digital quantum computing. Digital quantum computing combines classical and quantum computing, forming an all-digital architecture to address the efficiency, stability and cost issues that often plague quantum computing systems using CMOS-based analog, microwave control infrastructure. The development of a two-qubit gate is essential for creating practical quantum computers and is a vital engineering achievement for Seeqc’s approach.
Seeqc’s architecture includes proprietary digital chips that are co-located with qubit chips as multi-chip modules in the same cryogenically cooled system. The Digital Quantum Management (DQM) system-on-a-chip architecture enables the company to co-design specific quantum hardware that matches the unique requirements of quantum algorithms and applications.
Seeqc’s full Naples research team responsible for the project includes Ph.D. students Halima Ahmad, Luigi Di Palma, Alessandro Miano; Ph.D. researchers Davide Massarotti, Domenico Montemurro; and professors Giampiero Pepe and Francesco Tafuri.
Seeqc is in the process of building a new laboratory and testing facility in Naples via its partnership with the University of Naples Federico II. The lab is expected to host 4 researchers and will be completed by the end of 2021.

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