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Sandbox AQ’s convergence of quantum and AI will transform the enterprise

(VentureBeat) Kolawole Samuel Adebayo outlines the impact Sandbox AQ will have on businesses and the enterprises with now independent company’s merged focus on AI and Quantum in Adebayo  recent article in VentureBeat.  Inside Quantum Technology news summarizes here:

Sandbox AQ, has emerged from Alphabet, Google’s parent company, as an independent company. AQ represents AI and quantum — the two major tools the company uses to tackle critical global issues. Sandbox AQ’s mission to address global challenges in cybersecurity, healthcare, energy and more by using quantum technologies and AI– two of the key emerging technologies spurring innovation through trust, growth and change.

Jack Hidary, founder and CEO at Sandbox AQ, said in a press release that the company has developed an ecosystem of partners, customers, government agencies and university relationships to drive its mission at scale. “In addition to cybersecurity, quantum tech and AI working together have a powerful compound effect we call AQ, which can impact areas such as drug development, clean energy and data security,” he said.

IQT San Diego announces that Jack Hidary, head of quantum and AI at Sandbox (Alphabet) to offer opening keynote for the May 10-12 conference and exhibition emphasizing the quantum enterprise

Sandbox AQ is developing commercial products for telcom, financial services, healthcare, government, computer security and other computationally intensive sectors. Sandbox AQ completed a recent funding round and received hundreds of millions from several investors.

Eric Schmidt and Marc Benioff are backing a new company Sandbox AQ that aims to protect businesses against quantum cyberattacks

One of the investors, Jim Breyer, founder and CEO of Breyer Capital, said the impact that quantum technology will have on communications, healthcare, finance and other sectors will be huge. Breyer noted that while many quantum companies are focusing on computing hardware development, Sandbox AQ is solving real-world challenges and delivering applications to customers now.
Another investor, Scott Minerd, chairman of Guggenheim Investments, said quantum-based solutions in medicine, encryption and navigation will usher in a new era and Guggenheim is excited to be part of Sandbox AQ’s mission.

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