Inside Quantum Technology

IQT San Diego announces that Jack Hidary, head of quantum and AI at Sandbox (Alphabet) to offer opening keynote for the May 10-12 conference and exhibition emphasizing the quantum enterprise; early bird prices increase 4 May

(By Alan Marshall Meckler) The speaker roster to IQT San Diego is rapidly increasing including the addition of opening keynoter Jack Hidary, head of Quantum and AI at Sandbox. Jack leads Sandbox (formerly Sandbox@Alphabet), developing quantum and A.I.-based tools and applications that run on today’s classical computing platforms. Sandbox focuses on enterprise SaaS solutions at the intersection of machine learning and physics. The hybrid San Diego conference and exhibition has discounted early bird pricing until the end of day 3 March. The hybrid format allows for participating from anywhere in the world with or without travel. See IQT San Diego.

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