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QURECA Launches First Global Recruitment & Training Platform to Develop Quantum Workforce

By IQT News posted 26 Jun 2020

(Qureca) – QURECA (Quantum Resources & Careers) has launched the first global recruitment and training platform to develop the quantum workforce, with the goal to help businesses and the workforce become quantum ready.
One of the main components in creating a quantum technology community is to enable and educate the workforce with the relevant skills and competencies. QURECA supports the development of the quantum workforce by providing the necessary skills. The new QURECA platform offers a unique recruitment service to companies with a quantum need looking to hire expertise for their sector. While on the training side, QURECA partners with key experts across different sectors for the application of quantum technologies to create the most relevant online courses.
The skills shortage in quantum technologies is an identified bottleneck been reported as the “Quantum Tech shortage” [1,2] or the “Quantum bottleneck” [3]. It has been highlighted on numerous occasions that to be able to develop the required workforce
needed in the coming years in the field of quantum technologies and quantum computing, several measures must be put in place.
Finding the appropriate candidate in emerging technologies such as the quantum sector is exceptionally challenging. On the other hand, PhD students and academics struggle to understand how and where to apply their skillset and how it can assist in
the growth of their careers.
QURECA supports businesses to identify and hire the needed expertise by finding the best candidate pool, and provides career coaching services to anyone looking for a job in quantum technologies.

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