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Quantum Technologies Paired with AI Could Be Crucial in US Government Achieving Goals of Developing AI Ethics

By IQT News posted 08 Jan 2021

(News.Clearance.Jobs) A significant technological leap forward in 2021 could be in the realm of quantum computing, Quantum AI is one arena of interest. Quantum technologies paired with AI,  and this could be crucial in ensuring that the government achieves its goals of developing AI ethics. The government has seen that this could ensure that newly created smart programs and machines won’t turn on their creators – thus creating the feared “killer robots” that could potentially threaten humankind. Such ethics could also be crucial to developing machines that don’t take risks that could put people in harm’s way.
It was last February that the Department of Defense (DoD) adopted it five ethical principles for AI, which included being responsible, equitable, traceable, reliable, and governable. The DoD Joint Artificial Intelligence Center was named the focal point for coordinating implementation of AI ethical principles for the department, and as advances in AI and quantum computing move forward, it is likely that autonomous platforms will soon be developed with those principles installed and instilled in the core programming.

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