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Quantum Tech Pod Episode 18: Eden Figueroa, Stony Brook University

This episode of the Quantum Tech Pod featured an interview with Neils Bultink, CEO & Co-Founder, Qblox.
By IQT News posted 09 Feb 2022

Quantum Tech Pod Host Chris Bishop today interviews Eden Figueroa.

Eden Figueroa is an Associate Professor, Stony Brook University. He is jointly appointed between Stony Brook University as faculty and quantum information technology research leader and Brookhaven National Laboratories researcher in the computational sciences initiative in the instrumentation division. Eden Figueroa has long been fascinated with quantum mechanics. He discusses his path to his quantum information career. “Very happy journey of mine. . I was born in Mexico, ” he recounted.  From there he studied at the Monterey Institute of Technology for Bachelor’s degree.  Dr. Eden was already  thinking of becoming an experimental physicist, then a masters in optical engineering and his path was working with photons.  He was accepted for PhD at U of Constance in Germany, at that time the center of quantum optics in Europe.  That’s where I started my journey in quantum optics and quantum memories.

IQT hopes that our conversation with Dr. Eden Figeuroa will make this an interesting, informative and worthwhile talk for you.

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