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Quantum Magnetometer Can Pinpoint Location on Planet Down to 50 Meters

By IQT News posted 28 Jun 2019

(Sifted.edu) Lockheed Martin, the US defense contractor and Europe’s Element Six, the synthetic diamond-producing arm of diamond company De Beers, are working on a quantum-based navigation technology that would be perfect for covert operations because it is untrackable.
They have created a prototype device — a quantum magnetometer about the size of a large shoebox — that uses synthetic diamonds engineered to have quantum properties to measure the direction and strength of tiny, almost imperceptible anomalies in the Earth’s magnetic field. Combine this with a magnetic field map and you can pinpoint your location on the planet down to the closest — in theory — 50 metres or so.
It can work in conditions where GPS cannot — underwater and underground, for example. Or when you need to ensure you aren’t tracked or want to make sure your navigation devices aren’t being jammed or interfered with.

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