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Quantum Computing Leaders Working to Avoid Mistakes Made In Development of Early Classical Computing World

By IQT News posted 04 Sep 2020

(WRALTech.Wire) The competitive landscape of quantum computing has begun to take on the look and feel of the early classical computing world; however, the modern industry has addressed the mistakes made with classical computing, and therefore progress can be more formulaic and swift.
Like IBM did with its Selectric typewriters in the 1960s, the company is successfully weaving its quantum computing thread through myriad aspects of the greater quantum ecosystem, underpinned by strategic sponsorships and the inclusion of partners in the IBM Quantum Experience.
Amazon Web Services (AWS) is pushing back on this approach by offering a vendor-agnostic view of quantum cloud computing.
August 2020 developments are starting to tie pieces of investments together to show a glimpse of when the post-quantum world may come, and as advancements continue the future state appears closer on the horizon than previously thought.
1. AWS swiftly increased its presence in the quantum computing space by making its quantum computing cloud service, Braket, generally available.
2. BM continues to reach its targeted quantum computing goals, including successfully doubling last year’s quantum volume attainment of 32 to 64 in August.
3. MIT led a weeklong summer camp for high school students on quantum computing called Qubit by Qubit.
4. The University of Sydney is working on developing an algorithm that can predict the noise impacting qubits in a given environment.
5. Rigetti raised $79 million in a round of Series C funding in August. The

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