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QSimulate and Google Quantum AI release the Fermionic Quantum Emulator and expand their multi-year collaboration

By IQT News posted 11 Nov 2021

(WF.MZ.com) QSimulate and Google Quantum AI have announced the release of the Fermionic Quantum Emulator, a software framework for emulating the behavior of quantum computers in fermionic simulations. Fermionic simulations include molecular electronic structure calculations for materials discovery, one of the most eagerly anticipated applications of quantum computing. FQE is the result of a close collaboration between QSimulate and Google Quantum AI, which has been ongoing since 2019.
FQE takes advantage of common symmetries (i.e., number and spin symmetries) present in chemical, materials, and condensed-matter systems, to achieve a substantial performance gain when simulating fermionic quantum circuits. By speeding up the simulation of such circuits by orders of magnitude, FQE helps quantum scientists predict the hardware resources necessary for quantum computation of materials and perform the classical benchmarks for such simulations. FQE has been open-sourced under the Apache License Version 2.0 and is available to the public.
Ryan Babbush, head of quantum algorithms at Google Quantum AI, says “FQE is unique software for fermionic quantum emulation, developed by combining Google Quantum AI’s expertise in quantum computing algorithms and QSimulate’s technology in quantum simulation. The release of FQE marks a milestone in our collaboration with QSimulate, and we are looking forward to further work together.”

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