By IQT News posted 21 Jul 2020

( In recent years, Fermilab has harnessing the strange properties of the quantum world to develop game-changing technologies in quantum computing, quantum sensors and quantum communication.
Fermilab has assembled examples of their work in the burgeoning field of quantum information science and Fermilab’s contributions by browsing a number offerings shared below. Find out how this research advances our understanding of the universe’s subatomic structure and how this knowledge supports new developments in quantum technology.

Fermilab Quantum Institute
Find out how Fermilab is tackling the challenges of quantum science and technology.

The future of quantum information science
Fermilab Deputy Director of Research Joe Lykken discusses the future of quantum computing and sensing, including the role institutions such as Fermilab will play.

Fermilab Summer Science Series
Sign up for Fermilab’s free Summer Science Series, online lectures followed by a question and answer session with the presenter and Fermilab staff. It covers a wide variety of topics, including quantum science on Aug. 23, 2020.

Worldwide experts gather at Fermilab for first international workshop on cryogenic electronics for quantum systems
Fermilab cryoelectronics experts and leaders in quantum technologies take on the challenges of designing computer processors and sensors that work at ultracold temperatures.

And MANY more click here.

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