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IBM Unveils Beta of Next Generation Quantum Development Platform

By IQT News posted 17 May 2019

(HPCWire) IBM is introducing a number of significant enhancements to the IBM Q Experience quantum cloud services and software platform. The public beta of an entirely new experience lets current and new users make circuits and application-building tools. These services further accelerate the movement of research and development on IBM Q systems toward practical applications. In addition, simplified access to the open-source Qiskit quantum computing software framework will help IBM Q Experience’s rapidly growing developer community take full advantage of IBM Q systems.
IBM is now also providing an improved fully integrated quantum circuit composer. Our new Circuit Composer feature lets you build more complex quantum circuits than ever before to run on a variety of simulators and IBM Q physical quantum systems. Visualization tools show you changes in the simulated quantum states of the qubits as you compose your circuit. When a user programs with the text editor, he can watch the circuit change graphically in real time.

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