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IBM Sees Hybrid Cloud Market that Includes Quantum Computing as the Next Big Opportunity

By IQT News posted 10 Feb 2020

(ExpressComputer) IBM, which has over several decades watched and led the transformation of the IT industry, is now looking to tap into the huge unexplored hybrid cloud market which it believes is the next big opportunity. IBM calls this as the Chapter 2 of the cloud–the US$1.2 trillion hybrid cloud market.
IBM’s strategy to tailor products and services to what clients are asking, rather than what providers are trying to sell, has helped IBM position itself strategically in the increasingly lucrative hybrid cloud market.
Karan Bajwa, Managing Director, IBM India, says, “We continue to evolve our cloud platform to simplify how enterprises bridge to the cloud by addressing their needs at any point in the journey –from accelerating the migration of existing workloads to the cloud, to modernising and extend existing apps and to delivering the right tools to build cloud-native apps from the ground up. This strategy has enabled IBM Cloud to become the gateway to AI, blockchain, IoT and even next-generation technologies like quantum computing.”
There is a huge opportunity in transitioning monolith applications such as core banking apps or ERP which have to be re-factored into a microservices based architecture, for their transition into the cloud. IBM has a product that fits extremely well in this scenario, called Cloud Paks.

NOTE:  IBM’s Dr. Robert Sutor, VP of Quantum Ecosystem Development, will keynote the upcoming IQT Event in NYC. IBM is a Diamond Sponsor of the IQT Event as well.

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