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Eviden and Alice & Bob bond over cat qubits

In a pairing of French firms, Eviden, a digital transformation technology unit of Atos, and quantum computing start-up Alice & Bob are partnering to make the latter’s patented cat qubit technology accessible to end users of Eviden’s Qaptiva quantum application development platform.

Cat qubits have been positioned as a tool for helping quantum computing companies develop better quantum error correction techniques. Alice & Bob has passed several milestones in the development of cat qubits over the last year-plus, such as the creation of qubits resistant to bit-flip errors. The company presented another research paper on its efforts earlier this year.

Eviden also has been busy in the space, with an announcement last month about its work with other partners to build an end-to-end quantum computing combustion platform.

By featuring Alice & Bob’s cat qubits as an emulation target, Eviden takes its Qaptiva application development platform on the way to fault-tolerant quantum computing, the partners stated, adding that users will now be able to learn how to use the biased noise of cat qubits to implement quantum error correction.

Eviden said Qaptiva enables car qubit experiments that include emulating the behavior of architectures creating several logical qubits, each made with several physical qubits. Cat qubits will also be supported as a compilation target to improve current quantum algorithms. Access to real quantum computers featuring cat qubits and optimized compilation will be available down the road, the partners said.

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