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Crypto Twitter User Alon Gal Tweets ‘Google Hook Me Up With a Quantum Computer’ to Access Bitcoin Wallet with Nearly $700 M

By IQT News posted 09 Sep 2020

(CoinTelegraph) A Bitcoin wallet with nearly $700 million is up for grabs — but anyone intending to be a “crypto thief” and nab it will have to crack the password first.
Crypto Twitter user Alon Gal has put out a call to his 29,900 followers for solutions on how to gain access to 69370.22 Bitcoin (BTC), worth roughly $695.4 million as of this writing. According to the Sept. 8 post from Gal, the wallet has been passed between hackers for the past two years without success at determining the password. Gal wrote on Twitter, “I have the wallet, @ Google hook me up with a quantum computer.”
This raises an interesting question — using a quantum computer, what would be the chance someone could gain access to a random wallet with a lost password, even with a $695 million motivation?
n terms of lost passwords, the technology would have the ability to go through more permutations than the best machines today to find the unencrypted passwords or even to reverse a hash.
However, others including Deloitte aren’t so sure. The accounting firm’s website states that current technology in quantum computing makes 25% of all Bitcoin in circulation vulnerable to attack. If enough coins were stolen, the market could potentially crash, undermining confidence in cryptocurrency.

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