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Classiq collaborates with NVIDIA to accelerate the path to quantum advantage

By Sandra Helsel posted 28 Mar 2022

(Classiq) Classiq announced its collaboration with Nvidia in a news release March 24. Inside Quantum Technology shares that announcement below:

Classiq, which provides the leading platform for creating quantum software, today announced a collaboration with NVIDIA to bring large-scale quantum circuits to customers. Now, businesses and other organizations can prepare for and explore the benefits of larger quantum circuits before the hardware is available.

“Today, it is very difficult, if not impossible, for organizations to explore the benefits of large-scale quantum circuits,” said Nir Minerbi, Classiq co-founder and CEO. “This is because large quantum computers don’t yet exist, and existing intermediate-scale quantum computers are noisy and limited in their ability to execute longer circuits. This new collaboration between Classiq and NVIDIA changes the game, enabling enterprise users today to explore how quantum algorithms perform at scale and be better-prepared for the next generation of quantum hardware.”

Note: Classiq a Gold Sponsor and Exhibitor at IQT San Diego May 10-12

To create and debug the next generation of quantum algorithms, customers need to simulate larger and more sophisticated quantum circuits. Classiq and NVIDIA are addressing this need from two complementary directions. The Classiq platform synthesizes quantum circuits from high-level functional models, and reduces these circuits to the lowest possible qubit and gate count. NVIDIA accelerates the simulation of certain larger-scale quantum circuits with the NVIDIA cuQuantum software development kit, thus expanding the practical limits of quantum simulation. Now, customers can create and simulate more comprehensive circuits and get a head start on the journey to extract true business value from quantum computing applications.

For instance, companies could explore how quantum computers could balance large numbers of assets, simulate a more complex molecule or optimize traffic patterns. Today’s quantum computers can be used to solve simple versions of these problems, but with the technologies of Classiq and NVIDIA, more sophisticated solutions can be created and debugged, stress-tested and scaled up in preparation for quantum hardware that can execute them.

“Working with Classiq allows customers to expedite the creation and analysis of larger and more useful quantum circuits while helping them better prepare for the era of quantum advantage,” said Sam Stanwyck, cuQuantum product manager at NVIDIA. “By combining NVIDIA’s high-performance quantum simulators with Classiq’s industry-leading circuit synthesis capabilities, forward-looking organizations can leapfrog the competition and better position themselves for the age of quantum.”

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