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CIO’s Guide to Quantum Computing: Four Factors to Consider

By IQT News posted 05 Nov 2021

(ZDNet) ZDNet’s Owen Hughes has written a segment for the CIO Journal describing the four factors the enterprise must consider when moving to adopt quantum computing. IQT-News has summarized.

1 Understanding who – and what – you need
While there are many potential future applications of quantum technology, we’re still a long way from seeing its real potential. As such, the exact skills and competencies that companies will need to succeed in quantum computing are still not fully known.

2 Attracting talent
Tech companies– and companies in general for that matter — are already contending with a chronic skills shortage that has been made significantly worse by the global pandemic. Given that software developers, data analysts, cybersecurity professionals and systems architects are all in high demand, the competition among companies when hiring from a considerably smaller pool of quantum computing pros will be even more fierce.

3 Setting the barriers to entry
Jobs in quantum computing carry a high barrier to entry; after all, working in the field requires a demonstrable understanding of quantum mechanics alongside a mix of specialist technical competencies — not generally a requirement of your typical 9-5 job.
Organisations, and the tech industry more widely, will need to work together to speed up the pipeline into students into quantum roles. They will also need to lower barriers to entry by thinking about transferrable skills and how they supplement employees’ existing experience with on-the-job training and upskilling initiatives.

4 Beware of hype
Organisations interested in pursuing quantum technology need to be careful not to be swept away by the hype that typically surrounds breakthrough innovations, particularly as vendors and analysts continue to make predictions about its capabilities and potential impact. Similarly, those who invest in quantum technologies shouldn’t expect any quick wins: quantum computing represents a paradigm shift in the technology ecosystem that will take place over many years.

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