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Archer Materials Welcomes Chinese Patent for 12CQ Quantum Computing Chip

By IQT News posted 27 Aug 2021

(ProactiveInvestors) Archer Materials Ltd (ASX:AXE, OTC:ARRXF)’s has been granted a Chinese patent protecting its 12CQ quantum computing chip technology. Dr Mohammad Choucair says an online interview the granting of a patent in China further protects, validates and substantially de-risks the company’s unique technology.
He continued on in the discussin to point out that the chip is now well-protected in China–the largest market in the world.
Dr. Choucair said, “We expect our quantum chip to enable quantum devices”.
Archer’s IT strategy includes China–this is inline with the biggest semi-conductor chip manufacturers. “If you are a serious technology company you need China.”
Dr. Coucair pointed out, “China has made significant investments already in semi-conductor industry. If Archer is to participate in this growing industry in China, it’s wonderful our IP is protected in China. We are protecting our competitive advantage.”

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