Inside Quantum Technology

Will a Quantum Radar Set Off A New Round of Quantum Spending?

Inside Quantum Technology believes that an interesting side show in the escalating quantum rivalry between the USA, China and Russia is developing and will lead to growing expenditures on quantum radar:

Quantum radar, if widely deployed, would have a dramatic impact on the modern battlefield. It would make obsolete many of improvements in 5th generation stealth aircraft that took billions of dollars to develop and deploy. Quantum radar is lower power than traditional microwave radar and presents a much more difficult target for invading forces to find and destroy.

It’s an Ill Wind

Next-generation quantum radar might pushes the balance of power between airpower and air defenses back to the 1980s before stealth. It may even push it back to the situation in the 1960s when jamming was in its infancy and air defenses took devastating tolls on US aircraft in the Vietnam War. But while the threat of quantum radar may throw military establishments into chaos, it is – as they say – an ill wind that blows no one any good. We anticipate a well-funded quantum radar arms race in the near future:

Currently expenditures on defense radar are in the $10 to 15 billion and we expect these numbers to increase significantly if the impact that we describe above turns out to be real. For more details on the business opportunities see Inside Quantum Technology’s forthcoming report: “Markets for Quantum LiDAR and Quantum Radar 2020-2029.”

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