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    Cathal J. Mahon is a technology expert with extensive experience as an investment manager for venture capital funds specializing in high-tech start-ups – including quantum – and, prior to this, from a variety of managerial and R&D positions in the telecommunications industry. More recently, he served as interim CEO at Qubiz: Quantum Innovation Center in Copenhagen, Denmark, from 2016 to 2019 and is currently responsible for the commercialization of quantum technology-based intellectual property created at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark. He is also a member of the Danish National Metrology Institute’s Quantum Metrology Advisory Board.

    Cathal J. Mahon has a scientific background in both engineering and physics holding a M.Sc. in physics from Trinity College, Dublin, and a Ph.D. in electronic engineering from the Technical University of Denmark. He also holds a graduate diploma in Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School – where he has been an external lecturer – and is the author of a textbook on the emergence of strategy in organizations.