(TechWizeNow) A newly developed world’s smallest MRI machine can do even more and could give birth to the long-awaited quantum computing era. Researchers at the Center of Quantum Nanoscience (QNS) of Ewha Woman’s University, South Korea developed the miniaturized MRI device in collaboration with colleagues from the US. The team has announced performing the world’s smallest magnetic resonance imaging, which visualizes the magnetic field of a single atom.
The researchers were able to image and probe a single atom by scanning across the surface of an atomically sharp metal tip in a Scanning Tunneling Microscope, a device for imaging and probing individual atoms. Two magnetic elements: iron and titanium were investigated in the study. Precise preparation of the sample made the atoms visible in the microscope, allowing the scientists to map the three-dimensional magnetic field generated by the atoms using the microscope’s tip.
This newly developed world’s smallest MRI device could usher in another level of development in drugs manufacturing, creation of new materials and in developing better quantum computing systems.