(DigitalJournal) Structured light, relating to a light-based quantum network, promises the means to achieve faster and more secure communications, according to a new study.
The new research involves optimizing quantum mechanics (science dealing with the behavior of matter and light) through using patterns of light in order to create an alphabet which can be leveraged to create a fast, efficient and secure light-based quantum network.
“What we really want is to do quantum mechanics with patterns of light,” said co-author Professor Andrew Forbes from the School of Physics at the University of the Witwatersrand. “By this, we mean that light comes in a variety of patterns that can be made unique – like our faces.”
Since patterns of light can be distinguished from each other, they can be used as a form of alphabet. “The cool thing is that there are, in principle at least, an infinite set of patterns, so an infinite alphabet is available,” he said.