(InvestRecords) Scientists from the University of Bristol and the Technical University of Denmark managed to instantly “teleport” data between two chips that are not connected for the very first time. Their “chip-scale devices” are able to utilize quantum physics to manipulate single particles of light. The team’s findings have been published in the journal Nature Physics.
In one of the experiments with the chips, described as a “breakthrough,” the researchers were able to demonstrate “the quantum teleportation of information” between two programmable devices for the very first time using a physical process known as “quantum entanglement.”
The scientists were also able to create a more complex circuit of four sources – and all of them turned out to be “nearly identical” thanks to the aforementioned entanglement. All in all, the team had a 91 percent success rate in getting the particles ‘teleported’ – which is a very solid result, according to the researchers.
The ability to create and maintain reliable quantum circuits is the key to creating more complex devices, and, ultimately, quantum communication systems and networks able to interact with conventional electronics.