(Politico) Chris Brady, president of General Dynamics Mission Systems, commented about recent efforts to beam quantum particles from space in an interview devoted to national cybersecurity policy and efforts.
“There’s been a lot of attention given to a Chinese satellite emitting a quantum particle to two different parties that allow an end-to-end, terrestrial communication path to then exist with encryption,” Brady said in a recent interview with POLITICO Space. “The reason you need a satellite to do that is in order to make sure the particle itself can be transmitted uninterrupted in both directions. That particle can’t be transmitted through traditional fiber optics and amplifiers.”
What are the implications? “What it will enable is the ability to have far more secure communications that really cannot be compromised or exploited the way some encrypted communications could be exploited today,” Brady predicts.
NOTE: Brady’s comments are in the body of a lengthier article discussing cybersecurity. Scroll down to locate these related paragraphs.