(Medium) The PASQAL team of Antoine Browaeys and Thierry Lahaye at Institut d’Optique (IOGS, CNRS) has been demonstrating for several years the simulation of many-body problems intractable for classical High Performance Computers with a Programmable Quantum Simulator made out of arrays of neutral atoms that they started building as early as 2011.
Based in Paris, PASQAL is building on this decade of expertise and numerous achievements in the engineering of lasers, vacuum systems and detection systems, to manufacture Quantum Information Processors that tackle complex issues, from fundamental science to grand challenges. In 2019, PASQAL closed a first investment round with Quantonation – leading global investor in Quantum Technologies.
Now, PASQAL updated their efforts and reached out to update their constituents in the corporate blog that has been published on Medium: Quantum Computing with Arrays of Atoms From Materials Simulation to Quantum Machine Learning.  Senior Hardware Engineers Adrien Signoles and Lucas Béguin present in the Medium post the physics behind the preparation of a sample of Rydberg atoms, and the way they are manipulated to perform logic operations.