(IndustryWeek) An open call for a quantum computing hackathon with a $100,000 prize was recently announced by 01 Communique Laboratory.
01 Communique Laboratory Only Canadian to Offer Post-Quantum Encryption Prize of $100,000
01 Communique Laboratory Inc. launched its quantum hackathon tackling the threat of quantum computing. Cybersecurity companies, computer science students and hackers have begun challenging the Company’s ‘quantum-safe’ encryption in a $100,000 hackathon. Andrew Cheung enthusiastically described the hackathon challenge, “Our hackathon will show the world that 01 Commuique’s encryption is rock-solid. We are the only Canadian company and the first post-quantum encryption to offer a prize of $100,000.

o1 Communique Laboratory Readies for Post Quantum Cryptography Tech Release