(SputnikNews) Psiquantum, a start-up developed at the University of Bristol, has raised a $230 million. It is thought to be one of the biggest investments to date in quantum computing.
Psiquantum was founded by former Bristol professor Jeremy O’Brien, with the funds secured from a number of investors, including a venture capital fund initiated by former Google executive Andy Rubin who left the Playground Global venture fund.
Psiquantum was developed at the University of Bristol’s Centre for Quantum Photonics headed by O’Brien who closely cooperated with Terry Rudolph, a former Imperial College London Professor, when working on the start-up. O’Brien did not comment on the fundraising.
Psiquantuma Aims to Compete with Google, IBM and Other Startups
Psiquantum’s goal is to create a commercially viable quantum computer in the next five years amid ongoing competition with Google, the IBM and a spate of other quantum start-ups.

PSIQ Relocates from UK to Silicon Valley