Quantum Mechanics Enables the Sun to Shine

(Forbes) It’s the power of quantum mechanics that allows the Sun to shine. If it weren’t for the quantum nature of every particle in the Universe, and the fact that their positions are described by wavefunctions with an inherent quantum uncertainty...

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Planckian-Dissipation Phenomenon May Be Understood Soon

(TheAtlantic) A team working at the University of Sherbrooke in Canada and the National Laboratory for Intense Magnetic Fields (LNCMI) in France, indicate that electrons inside a variety of ceramic crystals called “cuprates” seem to dissipate energy...

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Volkswagen AG’s Quantum Computing Traffic Management System Could Become a Commercial Service

(WSJ) Volkswagen AG's research project now has evolved into a quantum computing-based traffic management system that could be offered as a commercial service from Volkswagen, says Martin Hofmann, Volkswagen’s chief information officer although he...

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Quantum Machines Announces $5.5 Million Seed Investment

(TechCrunch) Quantum Machines has announced a $5.5 million seed investment led by TLV Partners with participation from Battery Ventures. Quantum Machines is an Israeli startup launched by three Ph.D. physicists, wants to build the operational and...

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RDECOM Scientists Finding Ways to Safeguard Quantum Information

(Phys.org) RDECOM Research Laboratory scientists at the Army's corporate research laboratory (ARL) have found a novel way to safeguard quantum information during transmission.The project is led by Drs. Daniel Jones, Brian Kirby, and Michael...

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Quantum Computing Atomic Clocks Make for Longerlasting Qubits

(SpectrumIEEE) Pennsylvania State University researchers announced in September they’d built the framework for a 125-qubit computer engine. The foundational element for the proof-of-concept Penn State system is not the computer chip but rather the...

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Cryptocurrencies Will Be Vulnerable on Quantum Technology Without Enhanced Security

(Nature) Within a decade, quantum computers will be able to break a blockchain’s cryptographic codes. This article highlights how quantum technology makes blockchains vulnerable — and how it could render them more secure.
Vulnerabilities: A...

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Blockchain at Risk from Quantum Attacks

(Gizmodo) Quickly advancing quantum technology poses a vulnerability for the much-hyped blockchain. Blockchain has found uses as a secure digital ledger and authentication system maintained by its users, rather than by one central authority. But...

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Chinese Physicists Publish Proof ‘Quantum Adiabatic’ and ‘Quantum Circuit’ Algorithms are Equivalent

(PhysicsWorld) Physicists in China, who have published a rigorous proof that “quantum circuit” algorithms can be transformed into algorithms that can be executed at the same running time on adiabatic quantum computers. Biao Wu and colleagues at...

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Breakthrough Neural Network Paves Way for Tomorrow’s AI + Quantum Machines

(NextWeb) Another review of the Italian researcher that recently developed the first functioning quantum neural network by running a special algorithm on an actual quantum computer. The team, lead by Francesco Tacchino of the University of Pavia....

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