Gyroscopes, Pulsars, and the Power of Spin

(WallStreetJournal) Frank Wilczek is a practicing quantum mechanic today. In this editorial/book review, he discusses insights he gained from the book “Spinning Tops and Gyroscopic Motion” that was written by the Irish engineer and mathematician...

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Crypto Quantique Develops First Quantum Driven Secure Chip on Silicon

(TechCrunch) Crypto Quantique has developed what it claims is “the world’s first quantum driven secure chip (QDSC)” on silicon, which, when combined with cryptographic APIs, it says is capable of providing any connected device with a scalable and...

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Swiss National Science Foundation Develops Quantum Certification Method

(PhysOrg.News) A Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) team has developed a completely quantum certification method that uses the computer's own building blocks. Nicolas Sangouard, SNSF Professor at the University of Basel, explained, "In a few...

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Zurich Instruments Launches First Commercial Quantum Computing Control System

(StartUpTicker) Zurich Instruments has now launched one of the necessary building blocks of quantum computing. The Zurich Instruments Quantum Computing Control System (QCCS) is an integrated and comprehensive system of individually proven...

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Microsoft Adds New Features to Quantum Development Kit

( Microsoft has been adding new features and abilities to its Quantum Development Kit. developer programming tool. The latest functionality coming to the service includes improved developer tools and a new chemistry library....

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Research Indicating Successful Entanglement with “Schrödinger’s Bacterium”

(ScientificAmerican) A new paper from a group led by the quantum physicist Chiara Marletto at the University of Oxford is claiming successful entanglement of bacteria with photons—particles of light. “Our models show that this phenomenon being...

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Proof that Quantum Computers Outperform Classical Computers

(TechCrunch) Sergey Bravyi of IBM Research, David Gosset of the University of Waterloo’s Institute for Quantum Computing and Robert König of the Institute for Advanced Study and Zentrum Mathematik, Technische Universität München have published a...

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Silicon Quantum Chips Powered by Qubits May Bring Quantum Computers to the Masses

(FastCompany) The quantum computer of the future will be more than just a quantum processor, in the same way that today’s computer is more than just a microprocessor. The production depends on many moving parts, from the control electronics to the...

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(ForeignAffairs) China has launched a “megaproject” for quantum communications and computing. This article discusses China’s planned trajectory in quantum science--an effort that will be a key test of President Xi’s ambitions goal to be a “global...

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U of Sussex Reducing the Environmental ‘Noise’ Effect on Quantum Computers

( The University of Sussex's Ion Quantum Technology Group has managed to address one of the biggest problems facing quantum computing: how to reduce the disruptive effects of environmental "noise" on the highly sensitive function of a...

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