Researchers propose a simpler design for quantum computers

( Stanford University researchers have proposed a simpler design for photonic quantum computers using readily available components, according to a paper published Nov. 29 in Optica. Their proposed design uses a laser to manipulate a single...

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Sydney’s Tech Central adds quantum terminal and scaleup hub; first tenants are Q-Ctrl, Sydney Quantum Academy, & Quantum Brilliance

(ZDNet) Sydney's Tech Central has welcomed Q-Ctrl, Sydney Quantum Academy, and Quantum Brilliance as the first tenants of its newest precinct known as the quantum terminal.
According to the state government, the quantum terminal will be the city's...

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Public Key Encryption Dead Before 50?

(QuantumXC) November 2021 marks the 45th anniversary of when Whitfield Diffie and Martin Hellman published their paper, New Directions in Cryptography, introducing the world to a new system for developing and exchanging keys over an insecure...

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University of Bristol’s Smart Internet Lab will deliver ‘Quantum Data Centre Of The Future’

(PhotonicsOnline) The University of Bristol’s pioneering Smart Internet Lab will work with industry partners to develop the first blueprint for a quantum data centre, as part of UKRI’s £170M Commercialising Quantum Technologies Challenge.
To date,...

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Abu Dhabi’s CRC creates first PostQuantum Cryptography (PQC) software and hardware library in the Emirates

( Abu Dhabi’s Technology Innovation Institute (TII) is a research centre dedicated to digital and computing breakthroughs in a wide range of areas including cryptography, robotics, energy, security and more.
ITP.Net recently interviewed Dr...

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Threat to Blockchain increases with every innovation in quantum computing

( Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFTs and decentralised finance have become common terms, with blockchain now hailed as an extremely secure and much faster method of recording transactions due to the computational intensity of...

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Osaka U researchers develop nanoantenna to enable advanced quantum communication and data storage

(Unite.AI) Researchers at Osaka University, along with collaborating partners, have fabricated a nanoantenna that can have big implications for ultra-secure, long-distance communicatio
The team substantially enhanced photon-to-electron conversion...

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European Patent Insight Study: “Quantum Technologies & Space”

(SpacewatchGlobal) The second study resulting from the partnership of the European Patent Office (EPO) and the European Space Policy Institute (ESPI) in collaboration with European Space Agency (ESA) titled “Quantum technologies and space” has been...

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Alhambra IT announces QuantumPath Platform (QPath) subscriptions to: Free Developer, Developer, Business & Enterprise

(PersiaDigest) Alhambra IT's  Department of Quantum Software Engineering recently made available to the public, online, the possibility to obtain a subscription to use the QuantumPath Platform (QPath) as a customer in one of four specific methods:...

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Zurich Instruments’ Qubit Controller offering a full qubit control system in a single instrument

(ZurichInstruments) Zurich Instruments has launched the SHFQC, its qubit controller that can control, read out and perform fast feedback on up to 6 qubits.
The SHFQC supports control and readout frequencies up to 8.5 GHz without the need for mixer...

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