D-Wave Government Sponsors Quantum Academy to Accelerate Government Adoption of Practical Quantum Computing

(HPC.Wire) D-Wave Government Inc., a subsidiary providing D-Wave’s quantum computing technology, software, services, and expertise to the U.S. government, and Cyber Bytes Foundation (CBF), a non-profit producing education, innovation, and outreach...

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Inside Europe’s Battle Over the Future of Quantum Computing

(NewStatesman) As the quantum race plays out in universities, tech companies and government research labs around the world, EU officials in Brussels are becoming increasingly fearful about how the technology will develop, who will have access to it...

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LSU Researchers Developing Self-Learning, Self-Evolving Smart Quantum Technologies for Secure Communication

(SciTechDaily) Researchers from Louisiana State University have introduced a smart quantum technology for the spatial mode correction of single photons. The researchers have exploited the self-learning and self-evolving features of artificial neural...

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IBM Sponsors “Quantum Computers and Processors” Vertical May 17 at IQT-NYC Online

(IQT-NYC) IQT-NYC Online is pleased to announce that IBM is sponsoring the "Quantum Computers and Processors" Vertical May 17, 2021. The sponsorship will include the topic keynote at 8:25 am EST; details are forthcoming.
“(IQT)...has quickly become...

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Accenture Sponsors “Quantum End Users & Applications” Vertical May 20 at IQT-NYC Online

(IQT-NYC) IQT-NYC Online is pleased to announce that Accenture is sponsoring the "Quantum End Users & Applications" Vertical May 20, 2021. The sponsorship will include the topic keynote at 1:10 pm; details are forthcoming.
“(IQT)...has quickly...

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Department of Energy to Provide $25 Million Toward Development of a Quantum Internet

(NewsWise) the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced a plan to provide $25 million for basic research toward the development of a quantum internet.
Taking advantage of the exotic properties of the quantum mechanical world, a quantum internet...

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Quantum Laser Links for Aircraft WiFi

(EE.NewsEurope) The UltraAir project is developing a laser-based quantum communication system to carry broadband WiFi data from aircraft to the ground via a satellite network
A laser communications terminal prototype to demonstrate broadband links...

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LG Electronics works with Dutch Firm Qu&Co to Develop Quantum Computing Technology for Multiphysics Simulation

(AJU.Daily) Dutch quantum-computational software developer Qu&Co is working with LG Electronics to develop quantum computing technology for multiphysics simulation. They will launch a three-year joint study and use research achievements to solve...

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KRISS Develops World’s First Niobium-based Superconducting Nano-device that Can Be Used in Quantum Computer

(BusinessKorea) The Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science announced on April 14 that it developed the world’s first niobium-based superconducting nano-device that can be used in a quantum computer.
A quantum computer processes data by...

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Samsung’s New Galaxy Quantum 2 Uses ID Quantique’s Quantum Cryptography to Secure Apps

(ZDNet) Samsung is launching a new smartphone equipped with quantum cryptography technology, which promises to deliver a new level of security to consumer applications like mobile banking.
Developed together with South Korean telecoms giant SK...

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