TU Delft Researchers Realize Quantum Teleportation Onto Mechanical Motion of Silicon Beams

(Phys.org) A group of TU Delft researchers has now demonstrated the ability to teleport an arbitrary qubit state from a single photon onto an optomechanical device—consisting of a mechanical structure comprising billions of atoms. Their breakthrough...

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QED-C Introduces a Novel Approach to Measuring Performance of Quantum Computers

(HPC.Wire) he Quantum Economic Development Consortium (QED-C) announced today the public availability of an open-source suite of application-oriented performance benchmark programs for quantum computing. This suite of quantum computing benchmarking...

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Hitachi Using Quantum Annealing to Optimize Train Operations

(Nikkei.Asia) Japanese industrial giant Hitachi is developing a system using quasi-quantum computing technology to automate and optimize train operations, Nikkei has learned.
Calculating crew assignments in transportation has long been considered...

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Sylwia Kostka,  QuantERA ERA-NET Cofund in Quantum Technologies, Programme Coordinator Has Agreed to Speak Nov 4 “National Quantum Programs” at IQT-NYC

(IQT-NY) Sylwia Kostka,  QuantERA ERA-NET Cofund in Quantum Technologies, Programme Coordinator. has agreed to speak November 4 @ 12:50 pm on National Quantum Programs at Inside Quantum Technology New York.
Sylwia Kostka is Programme Coordinator of...

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Yianna Gamvros, QC Ware, Head of Business Development Has Agreed to Speak Nov 5 on ” The State of the Quantum Software Industry” at IQT-NYC

(IQT-NYC) Yianna Gamvros, QC Ware, Head of Business Development has agreed to speak November 5 @ 10:20 am - 10:35 am  on " The State of the Quantum Software Industry" at Inside Quantum Technology New York.
Yianni is Head of Business Development at...

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IBM and Raytheon Technologies to Collaborate on Artificial Intelligence, Cryptography and Quantum Technologies

(HPC.Wire) IBM and Raytheon Technologies will jointly develop advanced artificial intelligence, cryptographic and quantum solutions for the aerospace, defense and intelligence industries, including the federal government, as part of a strategic...

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US White House Summit on Quantum Industry Highlighted Skills Shortage

(EENewsEurope) The quantum summit last week at the White House in the US included a roundtable discussion with representatives of the Executive Office of the President and leaders from quantum information technology companies. The roundtable focused...

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Team of Researchers Develops Quantum Local Area Network (QLAN)

(ScienceDaily) A team from the U.S. Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Stanford University and Purdue University developed and demonstrated a novel, fully functional quantum local area network, or QLAN, to enable real-time...

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Battery Camera Developed at UK Quantum Technology Hub Uses Quantum Technology for Transport Electrification

(QuantumSensors.org) A commercial battery imaging system born out of collaborative work with QT Hub researchers at the University of Sussex and CDO2 was unveiled in late September.
The new Battery Current Density Analyser is the first electric...

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IonQ and U of Maryland Researchers Demonstrate Fault-Tolerant Quantum Error Correction

(HPC.Wire) Researchers from The University of Maryland and IonQ, Inc. (“IonQ”), a leader in trapped-ion quantum computing, on Monday published results in the journal Nature that show a significant breakthrough in error correction technology for...

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