(NavalResearchLab) U.S. Naval Research Laboratory and the University of Maryland’s Quantum Technology Center (QTC) held a so-called virtual signing ceremony during a video call where the two organizations entered into an Educational Partnership Agreement to identify and pursue opportunities related to quantum technologies research Sept. 1.
The partners plan to seek avenues to collaborate in developing quantum technologies and understanding the science that makes them possible.
“NRL and the Quantum Technology Center have much synergism between our programs that bodes well for a successful joint research and collaboration of value in quantum technologies,” said Gerald M. Borsuk, Ph.D., associate director of research for the systems directorate at NRL.
NRL has been conducting quantum research for more than 20 years in the key areas of positioning, navigation, and timing, computing, sensing, and algorithms. Future exchanges are expected to involve work to advance the scaling and integration of quantum technologies that has the potential to impact work on machine learning and the future quantum internet.
“We are thrilled to partner with the Naval Research Laboratory,” said Ronald Walsworth, Ph.D., University of Maryland professor of electrical & computer engineering and of physics, and founding director of QTC.
QTC was created at the University of Maryland to innovate, translate, and educate in quantum technology, with a focus on real-world applications and training the next generation of quantum leaders.