(ComputerWeekly) IBM’s quantum education lead Abraham Asfar discusses how to get started programming in quantum computer programming.
The IBM Quantum Experience provides access to IBM’s public 5-qubit, and 15-qubit systems. IBM provides a tool called Circuit Composer to write quantum programs by dragging and dropping gates individually on qubits. Developers can also program using Qiskit, an open-source quantum programming platform that uses Python. If you already know Python, then you’re well on your way to take advantage of superposition, entanglement and interference in your quantum programs.
For seasoned developers in industry looking to explore the potential applications of quantum computing, the Qiskit element Aqua (algorithms for quantum computing applications) offers a library of algorithms for artificial intelligence, chemistry, finance and optimisation. For example, there are a number of finance-related tutorials to experiment with credit risk analysis, fixed income pricing, basket option pricing, and others.