(IQTEurope2019) Mark Mattingley-Scott, IBM Q Europe Ambassador, presented “QUANTUM COMPUTING QUO VADIS” to the audience of over 200 in the Hauge who are attending IQTEurope 2019. Eleven sponsors we in the exhibit hall led by overall event sponsor IBM Q.
Mattingly-Scott said to the attendees, “We are still in a stage of continuous learning about quantum computing and seeing a significant speed up of papers being published and applications.
IBM and partners explore the possibilities of new chemical innovation such as: Molecular modeling that enables discoveries such as more efficient lithium batteries.
IBM and partners working on quantitative finance such as: Trading simulations such as derivative pricing that can improve financial instruments.
IBM and partners test novel paths for production and transportation such as: Data can exhibit structures hard to identify.
IQTEurope will be an annual event in October in The Hague. Its next companion event takes place in New York City April 2-3, 2020 link. Click here for information and to register early.