(CampusTechnology) University members of the IBM Q Network program will get the first opportunities to explore new quantum devices available through the company’s quantum cloud platform. For the first time, educators can schedule time to demonstrate quantum computing concepts in the classroom while students can follow along online.
IBM is also expanding its University Hackathon Partnership Program to give universities the ability to connect with IBM Q experts around the world through a “hands-on, collaborative Qiskit experience” that provides students with support to develop their own quantum software algorithms.
IBM is making enhancements to its open source quantum computing development kit designed for researchers and educators. Based on the company’s Qiskit downable software framework, the new resources include a free textbook and a video series designed to help users grasp quantum computing concepts at their own pace. Each video episode will explore quantum algorithms and research topics on a weekly schedule. The textbook, called “Learn Quantum Computation Using Qiskit,” provides a supplemental reference guide for university courses on quantum computation and algorithms. I