(Barron’s) Barron’s gives its investment-oriented readership a look at the business significance of Honeywell’s just-announced partnership with Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform (MSFT). The partnership with MSFT is the next step in commercializing Honeywell-quantum. It lets any business access Honeywell’s quantum computing, writing applications that can run in the cloud. Call it quantum computing as a service, or QaaS.
Investors might not expect industrial conglomerate Honeywell to be a player in leading edge, mind-bending computer tech. But the company has all the tools needed to be a player—as a new partnership with Microsoft shows. What’s more, the world of quantum computing is going to generate commercial revenue for Honeywell as early as 2020, making it one of the first “quantum” investments available to the marketplace.
For Honeywell, today’s generation of quantum computers helps customers solve problems they couldn’t before. Such problems include helping an airline optimize routes, or developing a better molecule for corrosion resistance inside a refinery running on Honeywell software.